Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dumb Gets Dumber

Funny – when someone who devours non-vegetarian food joins groups like ‘Adore All Animals’, ‘SPCA’, ‘Stop Cosmetic Testing on Animals’ and the like, do you call that irony or is that being a sycophant to fashionable moves?

When someone who can dress in nothing better than a ‘wear-to-the-gym’ sweatshirt and sneakers feigns disgust on the rest of the world’s fashion sense while considering herself to be a fashion guru, do you call that downright preposterous or extremely retarded?

When someone who is obviously accumulating layers around herself, growing horizontally while simultaneously shrinking inside her head, calls others ‘plump’, is that pretentious or wait a minute – is that because she’s so dumb she can’t look into the mirror? Such disgusting scumbags do not realise that what they say to people would make a big U-turn, come back to them and bite them hard on their exponentially increasing posterior. Sad.

Well, it’s time to redefine blonde moments, because this one’s a black-haired-bimbo-wannabe, who of course thinks she looks French (Oh what an insult to those French beauties). Yes, such retards walk around us. They’re around you, and they’re everywhere. They multiply and make friends with like-minded bimbos. And they ooze with oodles of attitude like they’re no less than Miss. Universe. To be fair to all the Miss Universes galore, at least they don’t have an attitude that would piss the most peaceful person on earth off. I feel sorry for a certain cousin of mine who largely agrees with me on this particular case, that she might have to run into this nut-crack sometime in life. Poor her! I hope she survives the thunderous shower of stupidity and attitude and gets past that, if and when it ever comes to that point. Spending time with such dishonourable discharges is just going to make one feel like they’ve lost their brain… I’m glad I wouldn’t have to be around her and her intellectual disability, pretence, dreadfully unsuited attitude and all that. Whew!

That’s why they say, growing old is not an option – but growing up is. And people like her have chosen not to. My sympathies and condolences are with the guy who’s destined to spend the rest of his life with her, I hope some qualities of that guys rubs off on her… sometime at least! Probably then, she’d be a better person and good company to be around.

To her, the only ‘whomsoever’ it concerns - Attitude makes you look like a tramp, a bitch, and like someone who lost a vital organ. Work on it, and perhaps then we can see your inner beauty which is most likely the only thing you have. And remember the really primitive proverb, what you sow is what you reap. Good luck with understanding all this, I know it will take eons considering your constantly self-depleting intellectual stimuli, but I’m sure you’ll get there some day before you turn wrinkled and shapeless.


Joseph said...

Whoa! Who is this gal?

Rums said...

Oh! Just someone I "used" to know... I stopped talking to her or thinking about her for a while now until this comment, lol.