Thursday, February 26, 2009

Spring has arrived

It looks like spring has finally arrived. We woke up to a dense foggy sky, and right now it’s showering thunderously. After what seemed like ages, we saw our neighbor barbecuing last evening with an oh-so-obviously-summer-tee on. His kids were out in their lawn, playing in the swing. Finally – yes, finally, we could hear the cheerful, gleeful noises of children, birds chirping, dogs barking – yes, how I missed all that!

I’m going to have to buckle up and fix a date and time for my road test. I’ve been managing excuses all winter – I guess S will whip me if I procrastinate any further. Luckily, my Temporary Permit is valid till October this year. No, I’m not going to wait that long. I can’t wait to have my license issued so I can begin dropping S at work and using the car for myself – grocery shopping, gym, guitar lessons… ah!

I’m so famous for never getting a route right. Some of my friends in Chennai had to draw maps and give signal counts in order for me to reach my destination. Yes, signal counts, that is when I count the number of traffic lights and turn accordingly, pretty much like Gatlinburg roads, huh. And now, I’m pretty familiar with the roads out here. In my defense, I get to memorise routes the more I drive, and I haven’t driven a lot yet. Of course, expressway driving doesn’t figure in this.

That apart, this has been a good and bad week so far. One of my very close friends delivered a beautiful baby girl, as beautiful as her. And one of S’s very close friends lost his job. After all, no one can understand that trauma better than S and I, considering all the emotional stress we had to go through in January.

Here’s to a silent prayer to the beautiful soul that has just arrived and to another who is in anguish.

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