Tuesday, February 10, 2009

An inflated ego and a pin-prick

I cannot believe the attitude on some women, well, I should call them girls because they obviously aren’t grown up, smart, or mature enough to be called women. However, that doesn’t change the fact that they look older than they act. They are those girls who just grow old, but never grow up. Sad! Sad but true!

It doesn’t take a psychology degree to decipher that someone who is so damn obviously just an average looker boasts about being “hot” and flaunts unrealistic compliments (which probably were made up) in networking sites, is suffering from serious bouts of superiority complex. I feel so sorry for them.

What makes it worse is when they try to put down others. Typical expressions of jealousy – they so badly want your life and are trying to sound like they don’t. It just makes me wonder why we’re even dealing with such people in the first place – if you’re wondering why none of this makes sense, it is about someone I haven’t met or known for a long time, she’s just someone I know through someone I’ve met a few times. And I, along with several others, feel sorry for that ‘someone I’ve met’ for he could have surely ended up with someone better than this. Well, who cares as long as they’re happy with each other!

The other day, we were at some friends’ place and this lady asked me to guess her age. Since she was with two kids and some basic math was running in my head owing to some details I had gathered in our previous conversations, I assumed she was somewhere between 28 and 30. Then we figured she married immediately after finishing high school and she was just 26, a whole year younger than me! And she thought I was 22. No kidding, I’m three years away from 30 but don’t look that way. Every time I go out with my college going cousins in India, I’m assumed to be their friend, not older sister. Probably kids these days look older than they're supposed to, who knows. But this someone who hasn’t even met me goes “HA!”, and I think, “In your face, I know you so badly want that compliment but too bad it doesn't suit you. And you haven’t even met me, you narcissistic woman. Besides, you don’t even look hot and there’s not a single good feature in your face. So you should first try working on your attitude to camouflage that face”.

And then I realise I shouldn’t bother wasting my time and bandwidth on such wannabes. At least she’s a little more popular now than she claims to be – with this blog post and all.

I cannot understand what goes on in the minds of such narcissistic people. Another friend of mine very recently met a guy for matrimonial purpose and the narcissistic that he turned out to be for an overweight, short, average looking guy, he had a problem with her looks! How ironic… And everyone felt all the way long that she was making a compromise by willing to take things forward. At least in the first case, he is happy with her looks and attitude especially, irrespective of what the whole world thinks. I couldn't survive a day with someone who possessed an attitude like her - I'm glad no one I know and like being with is like that even if they completely had reasons to be proud of themselves.

I hope these people just realise what they’re worth and grow up someday, before it’s too late. Coming from a family of amazing achievers in various walks of life, it makes me want to laugh out loud seeing such people walk around with haughtiness when the ones who really have reasons to be proud of themselves and show it off are truly modest and simple.


Smooth Operator said...

Nice post. Something that I had wanted to write but haven't (out of some fear). I am not agreeing or disagreeing but with humility/modesty and pride being 2 ends, some ppl start working from one end and rest start working from the other. Life shows them the mean :)

Restoring Force, is not just a Physics concept!

So, now, the 26-yr old is famous. And so are you.

Rums said...

True, they're two extremes of the spectrum. But there are people who're stuck in between or right at the start and can't move towards either direction. These cases are pretty much stuck at the far end of pride - undeserving pride, nonetheless. :)Hopefully, the not-just-a-Physics-concept works for them soon.

I've had my limelight and am now over that - this is a resurrected, laid-down blog compared to the previous.