Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Epitomes of Irony

Sometimes you want to stitch your sides after laughing at all the incredibly funny things some people say or do.
Quote Unquote - I hate it when nice looking (even though a little plump) girls wear hideous clothes and take fashion disasters to the next level !! i want to give them a piece of my mind.. but then.. there would be no one to make fun about !!

This comes from someone who wore what looked like a 100 kilograms of gold jewelry and jazzy, ugly, disgusting looking sarees on her wedding day! Yes, you guessed right, one of those Mallu weddings similar to the ones you get to see in email forwards. And then you see funny looking outfits that probably she construes as front page Vogue fashion. Well, if someone could dress herself up in such clownish clothes on her wedding, you don't need to be a rocket scientist to imagine what her taste is like. Now, this is what is called irony. Well, in her own words, as long as she’s around, we’re going to laugh to death. Oh well, if she looks plump she blames it on the camera angle – now that’s a riotous way to go down laughing.
Quote Unquote - Funnier i understand... ironic is what i dont understand...

Well, if you’re slow on the uptake it ain’t my fault, chica. I know you plagiarize my phrases after reading my blog posts, you know that too. So when you read this, I hope you get your definition of irony in place. Where do these people come from? Beats me! I hope her better half soon gets her a Belgian Mirror and monster magnifying glasses, she should wear them, take a look at herself in the mirror, and then use the magnifying glass to take a look at her wardrobe. Jokes apart, it’s sad to see people like this still exist. And this poor girl probably doesn’t know that her husband once had the hots for me, even until the time before I met S. So if she's right, that says what she's probably like, LOL.

Well, like I always say, I don’t like fighting a battle of wits with the unarmed, and this one is way too unarmed in the wits department amongst many other general departments. So, as the old adage goes, ignoring works best. I hope she gets the picture soon. I don’t like dealing with immature people, unless it’s a 2 year old or someone with a handicap. Boy if she’d caught the younger me, she sure would have had to buy a dictionary of mean, stinking, riotous comebacks just to cross-refer what I would have meant. Lucky that she’s caught me at a rather mellowed down phase – I cannot afford to look as foolish as her in forums where friends from work (both S’s and mine) and several high IQ people are regulars.

Having said that, it was a wonderful weekend that just snapped by. Time spent well with real friends. A complete contrast to the hovering witchy images you get to see through such girls throughout the week.

Tip: Learn to spell well, type correctly, and get a copy of Wren and Martin before you want the whole world to read the grammatically erroneous crap you type. Conceited indeed, as one of your friends rightly said :)

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