Tuesday, February 10, 2009

In Absentia

I haven’t posted anything since December 15th and I have some excuses for that. S and I have been through trying times and now things are looking brighter and better.

So in the last couple of months, here’s what happened –
- We went to Richmond for our nephew’s first birthday

- Travelled to Washington, DC and stayed at an expensive star hotel in the 11th floor, a room with a gorgeous view indeed. Had a wonderful time turning 27

- Had our flight to Richmond re-routed through Detroit and landed in DC, and drove all the way to Richmond! Our flights were cancelled due to a so-called ice rain that never happened, in our opinion. At least not while we could have still flown out.

- Took a bus to Chicago, and flew out of O’hare instead of our original flight, and we stood in the cold since the bus was late. A nice university cop opened up one of the university halls and we waited there. School was closed for Christmas at that time

- Went to Excalibur, Chicago, for New Year’s and gave up drinking and non-veg since then – no, they aren’t directly connected, it was just a resolution

- Woke up on the 3rd day of the new year to the worst possible and most unexpected news ever and have been in stress since then – the Satyam fiasco

- Began a food blog with cousin and mom and have been blogging there more regularly than here.

Finally, our prayers were answered and Satyam allowed rebadging as an option for S’s client. So S is joining a new vendor, an American company, on Feb 19th, and is resigning from Satyam on Feb 18th. Whew! Good times are surely ahead.

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