Friday, October 17, 2008

5 Months!

I just realised that 6 days back was our 5th month together as a married couple! Does that qualify to be called newly weds? I don't know! But I sure do know that S and I haven't felt like newly weds a single day of our lives, post May 11. Right now, we feel like this is our 3rd year together, minus the kids, the smelly diapers, the messy house, and the broken toys! 

This time last year, we were shopping for Shiploo's birthday gift... Happy Days at Rage. Of course, S was already in my life. We were engaged and trying to be good kids :D And now, everything has changed. I'm doing things I've never done in my life before. I swore I wouldn't marry someone who lived abroad - and now look at me - to my defence, S was in India when we met and he wasn't sure of coming to the US back then.

Some people strongly believe that nothing changes when you're in love or married. The truth is, there are changes, but we just choose not to notice them or make a big deal out of them. If you look real hard, everything has changed.... yes, EVERYTHING. And change is good. Keeps you away from boredom.

To my dearest darling, here's wishing you a slightly belated fifth month anniversary... I don't think we went out to dinner like we traditionally do every month :P (Now that explains why I've gained some weight :D) And I'm not complaining about the changes that we've had to make :)


Instinctive Traveller said...

shiploo's b'day. hoot! i'm wearing a t-shirt that she bought for me on my birthday, today. honouring here b'day. : ) jai jus walked in with the cake from cakewalk.

happy belated fifth child.

Instinctive Traveller said...

oh, see what punctuations can do? "happy belated fifth child", should actually read "happy belated fifth, child". the comma, the missing comma... : )

Rums said...

LMFAO... I got that bit... I surely ain't no gum ball machine. Unless my womanly parts decide to spit out triplets and twins in two pregnancies, there ain't gonna be a fifth child! :D
I am waiting for pictures of Shiploo's birthday! :(