Wednesday, October 22, 2008

One Lazy Wednesday in October

It's a lazy day today. Since it's getting colder here with the onset of winter, cooking takes an unusually longer time. Some blame the cooking range that I have, some agree with me. Either ways, I know for sure maintenance is NOT going to give me a new cooking range. So I started cooking the next day's lunch the prior night. I packed a lunch box for S and I have some food for myself... so I'm just sitting with the laptop, munching on an apple, looking out the balcony... It's so sunny, but extremely windy. The weather is 7 Degree C and if THIS is windy, I can't imagine how Chicago, the windy city would be... A two hour geographical difference isn't that huge, I agree.

We're prepping up for our upcoming Diwali trip to Richmond to celebrate with the family. It's going to be our first Diwali together as a married couple - in local jargon, ''thalai deepavali''. I wonder how I'd look in a silk saree and a jacket and gloves on Monday, while boarding that plane back home from Richmond!

It's getting tougher and tougher to get up these days... this weather makes you want to laze in bed with a good book, or watch an outstanding movie cuddled up in the couch underneath plush fleece blankets.

A part of me is waiting for winter so I can get to build those abominable snow men (and women with big snow boobs ;))... but part of me is dreading the cold. You can take the girl out of Chennai, but you can't take Chennai out of the girl.

Looking forward to the weekend we're going to spend with loved ones. And yay, it's already Wednesday!

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