Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Bitchslapped By The Cold

Whew, we got back to Bloomington on Monday, Diwali Day, after spending the weekend with family in Richmond. What a drastic change of topography! Richmond is pretty, big, elite, and gas prices are real cheap there :) On a serious note, it's a lovely place to settle with family, not too cold, and is beautifully adorned with lovely huge trees that are sporting an amazing fall foliage at the moment. We missed going to Shenandoah because of bad weather, but there's always going to be a next time. Shenandoah is supposed to be amongst the top rated places in the US to visit during fall. (You must remember John Denver's 'Take me home, country roads')

When we got back to Illinois we were welcomed by a cold slap of gusty wind. Our palms froze before we could reach our car that was parked just right across. Curiosity made us want to check the weather then and there, and it turned out to be 5 degree C with a freeze alert warning issued! That evening, I saw the first ever snow flake of my life. It was snowing off-season.

S usually withstands the cold pretty well. I was amazed to see him shudder underneath his jacket, that evening. I was clad in a saree with no jacket, gloves, or ear plugs and the people around me must have thought I was one crazy Indian who knew nothing about living abroad. Talk about a cold Diwali! We haven't even tried lighting our sparklers because of the constant cold wind.

On the brighter side, I am now a little confident that I'll be able to survive the notorious Illinois winter. Let's hope I fare well for a beginner.

Looking forward to our first ever Halloween party this weekend. There's a likelihood that S will be dressed as Jigsaw and me... uhmm, I don't know.

Happy Halloween.

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